'Golden Age Appreciation Fund' Created for Performers in Need

'Golden Age Appreciation Fund' Created for Performers in Need
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — The Golden Age Appreciation Fund (TGAAF) is raising money for veteran performers from the Golden Age of adult films (1968-1988) in their time of need.

They are currently fundraising to help former adult film actress Sharon Mitchell, who founded the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM) in 1998.

AIM tested more than 1,000 adult film performers per month before a 2011 information leak led to a lawsuit and the clinic's closure. According to TGAAF, following the end of AIM, Mitchell moved into a rural area in the country outside of Los Angeles where she has struggled to find work.

"After several years of looking, Mitch finally found work with a nearby AIDS advisory service this summer, but shortly after she started work there she crashed her motorbike," states TGAAF on their website.

"She was badly hurt in the accident — and the bike was almost a complete write-off," it continues. "Making matters worse, she needed the bike to commute to her job, and Sharon has not been able to afford the cost of the repairs so the bike remains with the repair shop. Without the bike, Mitch will not be able to stay in work — and she badly needs the income to survive.

"We’d like to help get Mitch back on her feet, and appeal to everyone this holiday season to assist us achieve this goal," concludes the statement. "Please give generously and together we can make a difference."

TGAAF was formed after the success of a fundraiser in 2013, organized by Mark Murray and his wife Miranda, to assist actor Robert Kerman (R. Bolla) with expenses related to health issues. Their second fundraiser, which helped Kay Parker, ended in mid-January of 2015. By Oct. 1, TGAAF had raised nearly $6,000 for Golden Age performers like George Payne and Annette Heinz. Currently, they plan to do 2-3 fundraisers a year, to maximize the needs of each fundraising effort and not oversaturate the need for donations.

TGAAF founders donate their own time, resources and monies, receiving no compensation whatsoever. Other TGAAF members include Ashley West, Robin Bougie and Jill Nelson. West is developing a film documentary detailing the birth of the adult film industry in New York, and Bougie has been involved in adult film journalism and underground comic book publishing for 25 years.

Nelson and writing partner Jennifer Sugar collaborated on their first book titled "John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches," a definitive biography about the iconic adult film legend. In 2012, Nelson’s second book and first solo effort, "Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema, 1968-1985," was released.

To help TGAAF, visit www.TGAAF.org.