CrakRevenue Offering Christmas Cash Bonus

QUEBEC CITY — CPA network has announced the launch of a month-long Christmas promotion, “A CrakRevenue Christmas Challenge,” which is open to all affiliates.

Affiliates that manage to beat their November 2015 earnings by at least $500 this December stand to receive a plump Christmas cash bonus ranging from $50, up to $7,500.

The promotion begins tomorrow, and affiliates have until Dec. 31 to surpass their November earnings to qualify for the bonus.

"Christmas is a time of giving," said Vincent Frechette, CrakRevenue’s vice president of sales.

“It made sense to us to give our hard-working webmasters and affiliates the opportunity to challenge themselves this holiday season in a fun way,” he said.”We wish all our partners and friends not only a safe and joyous Christmas, but one that is lucrative and ripe with bonuses.”

For more information, visit the CrakRevenue blog.