Luscious Talent Offers Assistance to Self-Booking Models

LOS ANGELES — Lola Luscious has announced her launch of Luscious Talent, intended to assist models with booking and other services typically done by agents.

According to Lola, this self-described “adult talent self-booking collective” aims to make life a bit easier for models without agencies, by providing resources that every model needs — without a contract.

The service was created out of her frustration with some of her past experiences.

“We are trying to create an environment that is completely optional to take advantage of assistance,” Lola says. “The way we do that is by knocking-out competitiveness, contracts, and limiting behavior. We believe that models in the adult industry need an option to make their own choices about their careers, instead of being trapped into a contract.”

Models that use the service are CC’d on all negotiations to prevent any miscommunications.

Luscious Talent also provides access to a laundry list of services, such as hair and makeup, a free model house, free rides to shoots, and help with negotiations.

At the end of the shoot, the model makes a donation to Luscious Talent.

“We aren’t interested in competing with other big agencies — those models are perfectly well taken care of,” Lola adds. “But we do hope to provide an open door for an honest assessment of someone’s career and a safe way to get help taking charge and making the most success.”

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