Passionate Playground Releases Cannabis Joyboxx

Passionate Playground Releases Cannabis Joyboxx
Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE — Passionate Playground has teamed up with Ganja Goddess, to offer a safe cannabis storage version of the Joyboxx hygienic and lockable adult pleasure product storage system.

The Cannabis Joyboxx hit the shelves at Ganja Goddess this week in limited release.

The Cannabis Joyboxx offers cannabis connoisseurs a safe and convenient place to keep all of their bud, edibles and paraphernalia. Made from BPA-free, dishwasher safe, recyclable plastic, the Cannabis Joyboxx features a discreet design, a child-resistant locking mechanism with additional combination lock, and a USB sized hole for discreet charging of electronic vaping devices. The Cannabis Joyboxx also features an easy access top compartment for lightweight items and a removable divider that doubles as a coaster or drying rack.

“I love my box,” Ganja Goddess Lead Budtender Juju said. “Finally a way to keep all my cannabis contained. It’s super handy.”

Deborah Semer invented the Joyboxx with Playtray for her company, Passionate Playground, in 2014. Both the product and the company are currently nominated for two XBIZ Awards.

The Cannabis Joyboxx has been in the works for a while, Semer said.

“We had been planning to launch into the cannabis market due to the demand from our current customers that are already using their Joyboxx to safely store their ‘stash,’” she said.

The relationship between Passionate Playground and Ganja Goddess, a recreational cannabis store in the SODO area of Seattle, began when they were both presenting at a Sex and Weed event hosted by Babeland on Capitol Hill.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ganja Goddess as they are strong advocates for customer safety,” stated Semer.

“This is an absolute necessity for anyone with curious kids, roommates, pets or parents. There is nothing like it out there and we are incredibly excited to offer this convenient, responsible storage system to our customers,” Ganja Goddess General Manager Ananda Green said.

The Cannabis Joyboxx is available only at Ganja Goddess Recreational Cannabis Store, located at 3207 1st Ave. S., in Seattle.