Empire Labs Releases Clone-A-Willy Plus Balls

Empire Labs Releases Clone-A-Willy Plus Balls
Ariana Rodriguez

PORTLAND, Ore. — Empire Labs has added the Clone-A-Willy + Plus Balls kit to its product line.

“For almost two decades, Empire Labs has set the industry standard in ultra-custom sex toys,” the company says. “Committed to providing customers with only the highest quality American-made materials, Empire Labs surpasses all of the strict European and U.S. safety standards. We offer the Clone-A- Willy Kits in an array of skin tones, colors, and novelty options.”

Each Clone-A-Willy kit comes with an algae-based molding powder and a specially designed molding container. The kit also comes with state-of-the-art platinum-cured silicone; a medically tested, body-safe material that is designed to catch every detail.

Sold all over the world, Clone-A-Willy has been featured in national and international news outlets, blogs, television shows and has made its film debut in Seth Rogan’s 2014 movie “Neighbors.”

“We are always thriving to give our customers the best product possible, and thus are excited to announce the newest addition to our original Clone-A-Willy product line, the Clone-A-Willy + Plus Balls kit,” the company said. “Adding testicles to our kit not only contributes to the pleasure and stimulation of the dildo, but greatly increases the realistic nature of the final product.”

The Clone-A-WIlly + Plus Balls Kit allows users to replicate any penis and testicles to create an exact vibrating silicone replica. It comes with an Adjustable Speed Bullet Vibrator and each kit comes with an extra bag of molding powder.

For more information about Clone-A-Willy Plus, call Jamie at (503) 232-5109, or email Jamie@empirelabs.com.