CCBill Announces Cybersocket Awards Sponsorship

CCBill Announces Cybersocket Awards Sponsorship
Rhett Pardon

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today it has signed on to become Diamond Sponsor for the 2016 Cybersocket Web Awards.

The Cybersocket Web Awards take place in West Hollywood, Calif., on Jan. 12 during industry tradeshow XBIZ 2016.

Cognizant of all markets it serves, this sponsorship is just the latest reflection of CCBill’s commitment to the gay market segment, its merchants, and consumers, said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales for CCBill.   

“The significance of the Cybersocket show should not be overlooked,” Jackson said. “For 16 years, it has stood out as one of the two industry events that has remained focused on the gay market, with The Phoenix Forum being the other.

“We’ve all seen how the advancement of this market has contributed to not only our own industry’s growth, but also to society’s progression, as acceptance and recognition has become law.” 

In addition to sponsoring the Cybersocket Awards, the global payment processor also supports the annual AIDS/LifeCycle bike ride event with its charitable donations to participant and Cybersocket President Morgan Sommer.

“CCBill has been a staunch supporter of the gay adult industry and the gay community for as long as I can remember,” Sommer said. “Year after year CCBill offers excellent service, competitive rates, and demonstrates a keen understanding of what makes the gay adult business distinct. The Phoenix Forum is the one trade show that fully integrates the gay industry into the bigger picture.

“What makes working with CCBill a true pleasure though is that it’s never been just about the numbers, it’s a synergistic relationship between real people.” 

CCBill noted that it is honored to be nominated for multiple 2016 Cybersocket Awards, including Best Webmaster Resource, Company of the Year and Best Billing Company. Voting for the awards is now open until Dec. 5 here.