XXXJay Says Charlie Sheen Paid Off Adult Film Actress Friend

XXXJay Says Charlie Sheen Paid Off Adult Film Actress Friend
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, online adult industry veteran Jason "XXXJay" Quinlan said his close adult film actress friend was paid $10 million by Charlie Sheen, to keep quiet about his HIV after a 12-hour sex session in 2011.

Sheen revealed on NBC's "Today" show that he had been diagnosed HIV positive in 2011, yet emphasized that all of his sexual partners had been told of the disease beforehand.

Ex-girlfriend and adult film actress Bree Olson disagreed with his story during "The Howard Stern Show," where she alleged Sheen used high-risk lambskin condoms and never informed her of his HIV. Other reports surfaced of ex-lovers planning to sue Sheen for purportedly hiding his HIV status.

Before TMZ and People Magazine revealed that Sheen would be disclosing his HIV status, the Daily Mail ran a story on Nov. 13 about an unnamed adult film actress claiming she had sex with an HIV-positive Hollywood actor. XXXJay had also penned a personal blog post prior to the mainstream media coverage, wherein he alleged the actor knowingly engaged in unprotected sex "while fully cognizant" of his HIV positive status

Now, XXXJay has informed the Daily Mail that an adult film actress close to him was paid to bring a female companion for a threesome at Sheen's home. It was there, amidst 12 hours of drugs, sex and alcohol, that he claims his friend discovered HIV pills in Sheen's bathroom.

"She was completely shocked, she found a cocktail of pills in his bathroom," said XXXJay. "She told me there was all kinds of bottles with Charlie's name on the side prescribed to treat HIV.

"She felt sick, she told me she had been having unprotected sex with Charlie and was convinced she had contracted HIV from him," he added. "She told me, 'I'd been having unprotected sex with him for almost a year along with 50 other girls at minimum.'"

XXXJay helped create and build Pornstar Platinum, OCCash, OC Modeling, Lords of Porn and FreshChecks, before parting ways in 2013.