Fuckbook.com Taps Lee Bond as Cummission’s Affiliate Manager

Fuckbook.com Taps Lee Bond as Cummission’s Affiliate Manager
Rhett Pardon

ZURICH — Social dating platform Fuckbook.com has tapped Lee Bond to manage its affiliate program, Cummission.com.

Bond, a veteran in traffic sales, revenue generation and merchant processing, was brought on board to manage partner relations and fuel sales, said Greg Dumas, CMO of Fuckbook.com.

Dumas said that Bond “brings a multifaceted portfolio of knowledge to the company as well as many relationships that can empower everyone involved to make more money.”

“He is a great guy with charisma and passion for the business and it shows and we needed someone like that for this position,” Dumas said.

"This is an incredible opportunity," Bond said. “This program is one of the dating platforms that remains wholly committed to the end user — providing real and genuine experiences for its members.

“Working with Fabian and Greg is a real honor, one that I know I will learn and grow from professionally and one that will motivate me to do the very best I can to grow the program and its affiliate relationships."  

Bond can be reached at bond@cummission.com.