JacktheZipper Announces 'Faster Babylon Podcast'

JacktheZipper Announces 'Faster Babylon Podcast'
Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Veteran adult filmmaker JacktheZipper on Friday announced the rollout of the "Faster Babylon Podcast," which he describes as "a new kind of one-on-one, adult-centric talk show."

Zipper said he plans to interact with some of the more fascinating personalities in entertainment on the show. Episode 2 features an "uncensored and rollicking" conversation between Jack and raconteur/journalist Gram Ponante on the current and future state of Porn Valley. 

“JacktheZipper is a trustworthy pornographer,” Ponante said. “If I had a time machine I would replace all that shit I found in the woods behind my junior high school with JacktheZipper shit, because it’s saying, ‘this is what sexy is to grown ass adults.' It’s weird, it’s beautiful, it’s tragic. it’s the thrill that will wreck your life.'”

Based out of Los Angeles, "land of speed, sizzle, and unchecked manifest destiny," Zipper said "Faster Babylon" is a rare look behind the veil with a surprising array of celebrity guests from all over the pop culture landscape.

“For a while I’ve wanted to record these conversations with people I get to hang out and work with, make friends with, and truly admire, but from a director and performer point of view, talking about life or whatever and seeing where the conversation goes," Zipper said. “Amazingly, the first one was with Jeanne Silver. No one had seen the legendary Long Jeanne Silver since the ‘80s, let alone interview her. She just disappeared after making all those unbelievably surreal hardcore movies, but I ran into her in Arizona completely by accident and she’s just the coolest person, so we got it on tape. The entire story. Everything from teenage runaway to amputee '70s porno superstar to complete mystery. That did it for me... deciding to do the podcast as a regular thing.”

The "Faster Babylon Podcast" is a key element of the new JacktheZipper.com platform, the adults only online destination that brings together streaming video, affiliate programming, premium toys, apparel and fine art photography — all exclusive to the "Zipperverse."

To hear the complete podcast featuring Gram Ponante, click here

For more information, contact jack@jackthezipper.com.