BoodiGo Offering Dollar-for-Dollar Match on New Ad Buys

BOSTON — Adult search engine announced today the company is offering dollar-for-dollar matching on all new ad buys.

“Our current advertisers are seeing great returns on their ad buys, and this promotion is a great chance for new advertisers to get a taste of that solid ROI at half price,” BoodiGo co-founder Colin Rowntree said. “The structure of the promotion is very simple; for example, buy $500 worth of ads, we’ll credit you an additional $500 for an initial ad budget of $1,000.”

Boodigo is the very first adult-oriented search engine that takes the user directly to explicit 21+ sites without the clutter of mainstream search services, in a completely anonymous and secure online environment.

Advertisers who have made use of mainstream search engine platforms find BoodiGo’s structure and admin tools familiar, as the pay-per-click key word bidding system is similar to that used by Google and other mainstream portals, Rowntree said.

“I’m not a fan of their content policies, but if you set aside the irritating and hypocritical rules, the fundamental purchasing model and structure used by the major engines are pretty solid,” Rowntree said. “Naturally, at BoodiGo, our content policies are much more generous to the advertiser, so you can craft ads which will make sense to porn surfers without having to worry about your ad getting pulled because you used some ‘naughty’ words.”

Rowntree said on top of the matching funds available for all first-time campaigns, BoodiGo also encourages existing advertisers to contact the company to structure custom deals and special bulk-purchase discounts.

 “Our system is designed to make it easy for advertisers to set up and execute their campaigns entirely on their own,” Rowntree said, “but we’re always open to other deals and arrangements, especially for advertisers interested in establishing major, long-running campaigns.”

For more information about BoodiGo’s matching funds promotion, or to discuss custom ad deals, contact Rowntree at