Mia Isabella Interviewed by TransGlobal Magazine

LOS ANGELES — TS star Mia Isabella is in a new candid interview this week for TransGlobal Magazine, where she discusses trans politics, her ambitions, and her infamous relationship with rap superstar Tyga.

“Tyga always told me you can’t trust anybody in this game, and he was right,” Isabella told TransGlobal. “As far as the mainstream media outlets such as VH1, E!, and Perez Hilton, and industry insiders like Janet Mock, I give them much credit for representing me and the situation as best they could. The support I received from many all over the globe was truly overwhelming and breathtaking.”

“Most of the backlash came from Kardashian fans, and that is to be expected,” Isabella adds. “I don’t take it personally so much now.”

When asked how much progress the trans community has made in the last few years, the exotic actress and entrepreneur was honest, but hopeful.

“I don't feel we have made any progress, frankly,” says Isabella. “We are simply being given what was our right all along. Basically, we’re being told ‘Oh yeah, sorry we forgot about you, and your basic human rights.’ I think in the next five to ten years, we will see actual progress, but for now, everyone is simply catching up with the times.”

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