Fun Factory Offers Extra-Strong Big Boss

Fun Factory Offers Extra-Strong Big Boss
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES —  Fun Factory has announced the release of a stronger Big Boss vibrator, as part of the brand's Der Vibrator line.

The updated Big Boss joins Patchy Paul, Tiger and Miss Bi vibrator in the Der Vibrator line, which offers designs outfitted with a new bass-tone motor and FlexiFUN Technology that lets them bend and flex with the user’s motion.

"We’re delighted to be able to respond to the demand for toys with deeper, richer vibration by revamping a toy that customers already love,” said Kristen Tribby, Fun Factory’s director of marketing and education.

The Big Boss is available in black, pink and vanilla. It's made from medical grade body-safe material and comes with a USB plug for magnetic charging.

For more information, contact Tribby via email or phone by (818) 861-7600.