Gracie Glam to Co-Host 5 Episodes of 'MORE w/Mo'

LOS ANGELES — "MORE w/Mo" host Mo Reese has announced that adult film actress Gracie Glam will co-host his show for the next five weeks, the first episode of which will be available October 30 on

“Gracie has been on the show a few times and her episodes are always popular, so she was an easy choice for a co-host," Reese said. "Gracie and I have been friends since she got into the industry, so we were able to play off each other very well.” 

“I don’t do many interviews or talk much about myself or my views within and outside of the industry," Glam said. "'MORE w/Mo' is different. It’s fun and honestly, it’s nice talking about other topics and ideas aside from the daily generic porn questions you’re used to. I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing and I can show people more of my personality."

"There are plenty of podcasts out there, but Mo has worked hard to put together something no one else is doing," Glam added. "'MORE w/Mo' is raw, refreshing, funny, sometimes controversial and I believe that the listeners will agree.”

"Gracie and Mo are a great duo, kind of like Batman and Robin," said Juliland owner Richard Avery. "Except Gracie’s got a better ass than Robin."

New episodes of "MORE w/Mo" come out every Friday.