CockyBoys Releases 'Meeting Liam: Part 3'

NEW YORK — has announced the release of "Meeting Liam: Part 3," which will be followed by "Meeting Liam: Part 4" tomorrow.

The movie is the latest release in the erotic found footage horror story series from CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson.

It takes place before and during the mysterious events that unfolded in Part 1 and Part 2, which included inanimate objects with minds of their own, a dog with a personal agenda, disappearing Ouija boards, supernatural portals deep inside closet doors and casual sex. Part 3 will feature a three-way between Liam Riley, Ricky Roman and Tayte Hanson.

"Halloween has become a fun tradition for us here at CockyBoys, and I'm excited to present 'Meeting Liam: Part 3,'" Jaxson said. "While its not necessary to have watched parts 1 and 2, it might be fun to see them if you have not. I'm often asked why it takes so long to finish my films after starting them. 'Meeting Liam,' in contrast to 'Answered Prayers,' 'The Haunting,' and 'Road Strip,' has been quite quick. I premiered the first part a year ago on Halloween, and now I'm releasing the final two parts back-to-back a year later." 

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