Pitbull Productions Sues WhatsTea.com

Steve Javors
NEW YORK — Pitbull Productions has been granted an emergency hearing in U.S. District Court in New York as part of a lawsuit filed March 1 against Universal Netmedia and its Internet service provider, Alpha Red.

At the hearing, Pitbull will request the immediate halt to allegedly illegal postings of its content on the site WhatsTea.com.

The suit alleges that the defendant’s website, WhatsTea.com, infringes on Pitbull’s copyrights and trademarks by illegally posting content from the studio on the site.

“Alpha Red and Universal Netmedia provide their users with a fully integrated infrastructure that connects them to infringing digital files,” Pitbull Vice President Pat Reshen said. “The website even encourages users to infringe through a point system that gives users more access according to the number of movies they upload.”

According to Reshen, a Pitbull employee discovered the alleged infringement and intellectual property theft on WhatsTea.com, which provided links to download entire DVDs owned and produced by Pitbull. A Feb. 20 email to the site demanding the removal of content went unanswered.

“The content, including images and trademarks, remain on their website for users to download for free while defendants profit from advertisers,” Reshen said.

Pitbull has demanded a jury trial and is seeking compensatory, punitive and statutory damages.