Exsens Wins 'Best Newcomer Brand' at eroFame

PARIS — Exsens, the French sensual cosmetics company, was awarded "Best Newcomer Brand of the Year 2015" at this year's eroFame.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for the hard work we all do throughout the year,” said Krystal Medeiros, Exsens national sales manager. “The team is very grateful for the support we have received this first year in business and look forward to serving the industry well in 2016!” 

Since launching in July of 2014, Exsens has released 12 products, and plans to release 6 new ones for the remainder of 2015. Upcoming releases include 3 holistic massage oils with organic ingredients and 3 edible stimulation gels.

In 2016, Exsens will introduce personal care and hygiene products, in addition to products containing pheromones. Their newest offerings can be experienced in January of 2016 at the XBIZ retreat.

To inquire about future releases, pricing or pre-order information, email Krystal Medeiros at exsense@technic.com or call (401) 781-6100.