OVO Projects Growth Following eroFame

OVO Projects Growth Following eroFame
Ariana Rodriguez

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. — The OVO Lifestyle Toys team has returned from eroFame in Hannover, Germany and based on their experience, the brand’s management projects its largest growth period to date.

“Our goal with every exhibit is to introduce or familiarize partners with our brand, and we take special care to focus on how they can be successful OVO representatives,” OVO’s Global Sales Director Helle Panzieri said. “This year’s eroFame was especially impactful in that regard. The response we’ve seen is impressive to say the least, and we’re very excited about closing out our best year ever as a result.”

OVO showcased its new versatile counter/wall display unit. OVO staff showed attendees the variety of merchandising and mounting options the new unit offers.

“Customers loved how simply the display could switch from presenting the included testers to holding boxed product — and everything in between,” OVO Lifestyle Toy’s Samantha Brown said. “Booth visitors were getting creative with it, setting up product combinations that they know would work for their customers.”

OVO Lifestyle Toys’ 48-piece collection ranges from battery powered couple’s rings to rechargeable, remote-controlled models. The collection of ergonomic lay-ons, bullets, mini vibes, rabbits, straight vibes, rings, massagers and love balls have found their way into stores and sites worldwide, and the company says it looks forward to continued global expansion.

For more information about OVO Lifestyle Toys, visit OVOLifestyleToys.com or email info@ovojointventure.com.