JoyDivision USA Reports eroFame Success

ATLANTA — JoyDivision’s North American division has announced its successful appearance at the recent eroFame show in Hannover, Germany.

Besides presenting its current bestsellers, such as AQUAglide, BIOglide, and Soft-Tampons, JoyDivision USA also showcased a variety of brand new products, including its new prostate stimulators, the XPANDER series, which was met with high praise by retailers and distributors alike.

“The groundbreaking technology contained within the XPANDER series makes this a standout product in a sea of similar prostate stimulators currently available in the market,” says JoyDivision USA’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Marcus West. “Retailers and distributors alike were thrilled to see our revolutionary product, and orders were extremely healthy as a result.”

“We’re very happy with our presence at eroFame, and look forward to working with our North American partners to bring XPANDER, and the rest of our product line, into stores nationwide,” West added.

In addition to debuting XPANDER for the male sexual health market, JoyDivision USA presented a sneak peek at its upcoming Cosmopolitan signature line of products. Fully embraced as a creative partner, JoyDivision’s newest line of toys and lubricants, as well as massage and beauty products, will all be presented under the Cosmopolitan banner.

“We’re thrilled to present a high-quality, upscale line of products which embodies the Cosmopolitan brand,” says JoyDivision USA’s Executive VP, Bianca Kuennecke. “The Cosmo woman embraces her sexuality in a safe, fun, and healthy way; we’re so honored to work alongside the brand to create a line of products for the empowered Cosmo woman!”

JoyDivision retailers and distributors also enjoyed a Partner Appreciation Dinner on the first night of the exhibition, where international partners were able to network with the company’s sales and marketing teams to discuss campaigns for the upcoming holiday season.

“We are continuously working to build and develop tools to help our partners expand our brand presence, and assist with consumer sell-through,” West concludes. “JoyDivision is happy to have such wonderful partners, and we look forward to collaborating with them through this holiday season and beyond.”

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