Eropartner Distribution Now Carrying Eva by Dame Products

LOS ANGELES — Eropartner Distribution is now offering Eva by Dame Products.

Eropartner Distribution spokesperson Celia Vargas says that Eva is a hands-free vibrator that provides women the clitoral stimulation they want during sex.

“The unique flexible wings keep the vibrator in place by comfortably tucking under a woman’s labia major, making Eva strap-free, harness-free and garment-free,” Vargas explains. “The vibrator has a powerful motor with three distinct speeds and is made from medical grade silicone. Eva is water-resistant and rechargeable with an USB-cable. In addition, Eva has a low battery light indicator and comes with a 120 volt wall adapter.”

According to Dame Products CTO Janet Lieberman, it wasn’t too long ago that the company made history as the most highly crowd-funded adult product.

“We are very proud of Eva, our first product — a couples vibrator that doesn’t get in the way,” Lieberman says. “We are excited that Eropartner Distribution will be making it easier for customers in the European market to learn about and purchase Eva.”

Eva comes in two colors, lavender and aqua, with counter display pieces, and Dame Products’ signature beaver available for retailers.

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