XR Brands Expands ‘Strap U’ Harness Collection

XR Brands Expands ‘Strap U’ Harness Collection
Ariana Rodriguez

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has expanded its Strap U collection of harnesses to include designs that cater to a variety of intimate needs, including G-spot contact and internal vibration.

The Strap U series is color-coded according to beginner, intermediate and advanced-level experience.

“The Avalon jock-style harness combines comfort with couture for a flattering high-waisted strap-on fitted with criss-crossed fabric panels to secure any flare-based dil flush against the body,” the company said. “With a thick, supportive waistband and open back design, the Avalon fits up to a 46-inch waist and can adjust easily using slide-through buckle straps, making switching toys during play a convenient cinch. A favorite among women, the Avalon’s unique fit allows for greater movement and a comfortable ease in almost any sex position or situation.”

The Revolver has also been added to the Strap U line. Made of TPR, the Revolver features an elongated and curved bulb for a secure fit between the wearer’s PC muscles and a textured pad positioned to stimulate their clitoris during use. The Revolver’s opposite end features a curve for G-spot massage and firm shape.

Strap U’s newest dil attachment is the Onyx, a vibrating G-spot dil made of premium silicone. Its shape features a slight S-curve that snakes upward for targeted G-spot stimulation. Fitted into its flare base is a powerful bullet motor that activates with one touch and sends intense vibration throughout the firm, yet flexible silicone. Thanks to its flare base, the Onyx can be worn with any O-ring harness.

“We launched the Strap U line to provide shoppers with a wide range at a variety of price points to give retailers a cohesive brand that appeals to all levels, and the response has been tremendous,” XR Brands Director of Marketing Rebecca Weinberg said. “Strap U has made it easy for retailers to augment their harness selection with an accessible and eye-catching brand made for mass appeal. These newest releases expand the line’s selection to cater to an even wider customer base.”

Strap U is color-coded to experience level: pink for beginners, purple for intermediate, chartreuse for advanced, and blue for matching Strap U accessories. The line ranges from beginner pieces to higher-end durable systems with lingerie-like detailing.

To place an order to learn more about Strap U, please email Weinberg at rebecca@xrbrands.com.