Austin Retailer Dreamers Supports ‘Cocks not Glocks’

Austin Retailer Dreamers Supports ‘Cocks not Glocks’
Ariana Rodriguez

AUSTIN — In support of the #cocksnotglocks movement, Dreamers’ two Austin locations will be giving away free dildos to every University of Texus student, over the age of 18, who stops by the store this weekend.

The retailer says no purchase will be required to get the free dildo just proof of age and a student ID. Dreamers also issued this statement via its blog concerning #cocksnotglocks:

“As a Texas company, specifically with our offices in Austin, this is a story we really couldn’t ignore. To allow guns on campus but not dildos makes no sense. If we believe adults are responsible enough to own guns, then adults are responsible enough to own dildos. We fully support everyone’s right to exercise their First Amendment right by speaking out on the issues that motivate them. We have always supported the decriminalization of sexual devices as we spearheaded the case that overturned the sex toy ban (Reliable Consultants INC PHE v. Earle), which was decided around Valentine’s Day 2008. We are excited to help support Jessica Jin and all the UT students who wish to use their First Amendment rights to protest the new Campus Carry law.”

The first set of donations come from adult toy manufacturer Icon Brands, who donated a couple hundred toys for the giveaway, the company says. Dreamers has also garnered support from Si Novelties and Topco Sales. According to the the company, they are still reaching out to other manufacturers and hope to extend these giveaways over multiple weekends leading up to the main event.

Dreamers is a family-owned company that has been serving Texas for more than 30 years. Dreamers has six stores in Texas with one just blocks northeast of the University of Texas at Austin.