WoodRocket Announces 'Fap to the Future'

WoodRocket Announces 'Fap to the Future'
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — WoodRocket.com is celebrating Back To The Future Day with the announcement of the porn parody, "Fap to the Future."

The spoof of the classic time-travel film will be available to watch for free exclusively at WoodRocket.com in November.

"In this sexy science fiction adventure, Marty D**kFly rides C**k Brown's poontonium-powered sex-time machine, The D**kLorean, back in time," according to WoodRocket.com. "After screwing the past up she must get her parents to do it for the first time at the Enchantment Under the Semen Dance and get back to 1985 before her porn gets scrambled!"

The parody was produced by April O'Neil & Seth's Beard (Doctor Whore), written by Locke Van Kemp and Lee Roy Myers (Gnardians of the Galaxy), and directed by Myers (Strokemon).
The teaser trailer is available to view at WoodRocket.com now here. An embeddable version of the teaser trailer is available on YouTube.

WoodRocket.com has previously created parodies and series such as "Strokemon," "Ask A Porn Star," "Game of Bones," "Gnardians of the Galaxy," "Bob's Boners" and "Porn Stars Read Hate Mail."