Velv’Or Debuts ‘AID’ Creams

AMSTERDAM — Velv’Or has introduced a new collection called AID that includes three creams for penis enhancement.

According to the company, the creams promote sexual endurance and erections.

“Which guy or his lover doesn’t agree with me that he needs some first aid from time to time,” Velv’Or owner Jelle Plantenga said. “In my eyes none on this globe! Or they are fooling themselves. I created this AID collection for all men on the globe that understand they need some first aid from time to time to satisfy themselves and their lovers.”

According to Plantenga, the creams each serve a distinct purpose and can all be used together. BeBoosted is a cream that will make erections “firmer, thicker and stronger.” BeEnduring is an ejaculation delay cream, and BeHarder also promotes erections with a formula that enriches blood flow in the veins.

The collection of AID creams is manufactured by Cobeco Pharma.

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