Comedy Short ‘Laff K,’ Starring Maryjean, Now Available on Vimeo

NEW YORK — The black comedy short film, “Laff K,” featuring porn star Maryjean, is now available for viewing on Vimeo.

Directed by Joseph Patrick Conroy, the film is the Dominican porn star’s mainstream acting debut.

“I very much enjoyed my experience in ‘Laff K,’” says Maryjean. “I think everyone will enjoy this short film — it’s dark and funny, and I am proud of it.”

“Laff K” is about struggling comedian Greg Norman (played by actor / comedian / writer Ohene Cornelius) and his encounters with fate, as he shoddily attempts to end his life. Maryjean plays the part of Lady, the girlfriend of an obnoxious audience member, who insults Ohene’s character during his stand-up set, during a “Comedy in the Bush” event at a comedy club. Ohene and Maryjean’s characters later cross paths again, to solidity the theme of the film — fate.

To watch “Laff K,” click here.

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