Adnium Rolls Out Granular Keyword Targeting

Adnium Rolls Out Granular Keyword Targeting
Stephen Yagielowicz

TORONTO — Adnium has announced the addition of granular keyword targeting to its intelligent advertising platform.

According to the company, media buyers are well aware that ad campaigns build on their own success, and that running a great campaign means focusing on conversion ratios and building momentum by gaining useful information from each audience. Putting that information into action to fine tune ad creatives and custom tailor each upcoming placement to suit the intricacies of each offer is an essential part of earning the most money from ad buys.

“When our clients speak, we listen, and that’s why we have added keyword targeting to our platform so quickly,” explains Adnium CEO Luke Hazlewood. “Making use of data from one campaign to benefit the ad buys on another overlapping offer is important to our clients and keyword targeting allows the simplest, most effective way to immediately put that information to use.”

Hazlewood says that Adnium allows users to track every iteration of their online ads automatically, and to make real-time decisions about each campaign to retarget, adjust or to enhance the creatives used in each sales funnel.

“Rather than using a scatter-gun approach to your first set of ads in a new sector and then gradually tightening your focus to hit your targets, or aiming narrowly at what you hope will yield the best results, Adnium’s keyword targeting allows every ad spend to find the sweet spot, where your ROI and your research results both benefit from each ad buy you place,” Hazlewood adds. “Create campaigns with future successes that compound the earlier success of your past campaigns by turning keyword data into real dollars.”

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