Eropartner Now Shipping 'Clone-a-Willy Plus Balls' Kit

Eropartner Now Shipping 'Clone-a-Willy Plus Balls' Kit
Bob Johnson

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution is now distributing the Clone-a-Willy Plus Balls kit.

The company said that the kit allows users to copy any penis and balls to create an exact vibrating silicone replica.

Each kit comes with an 100 percent body-safe algae-based molding powder and a specially designed molding container that makes the process easy. The kit also comes with 100 percent platinum-cured silicone; a medically tested, body-safe material that is designed to catch even the tiniest of detail.

“Each kit comes with an extra bag of molding powder and the packaging is very modern and sleek,” said Elcke WIeffering, head of purchasing. “And with the adjustable Speed Bullet Vibrator we are confident that this kit will be a hit with our customers.”

Eropartner noted that Clone-A-Willy has been evaluated and praised by national and international news outlets, blogs, and TV shows.

“Adding testicles to our kit not only contributes to the pleasure and stimulation of the dildo, but greatly increases the realistic nature of the final product,” explained a company representative.

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