SNRCash Launches

LAS VEGAS — SNRCash has launched that allows webmasters to create their own white label webcam site.

“We’ve really come a long way with our webcam white labels,” SNRCash president Steve Ranieri said.

He added, “Besides adding a new website dedicated to our white labels, we added a new template so webmasters can choose between two different styles, new SEO options, custom CSS options, analytics tracking, custom home page titles, and even added our male cams for gay webmasters. Pretty much everything can be customized from the models to the logo to the background to the font colors to the buttons and forms. We’ve made it fast and easy to create a webcam white label in literally minutes."

CamClone offers a support staff and a 20 percent rev share on all transactions.

Ranieri also noted that once a webmaster customizes settings for the web version, the mobile version is automatically created with a branded logo. All affiliate sales through SNRCash’s CamClone run through the CCBill.