Allie Haze Caught Up in Mainstream Controversy

LOS ANGELES — Allie Haze found herself in the center of controversy this past weekend, when she was linked to a national story about a college softball coach accused of sexual harassment of his players.

The adult star Haze was featured in news stories in the New York Post, Daily News, Cosmo, Complex, Toronto Sun, Fox Sports, London’s Daily Mail and even the front page of the Huffington Post.

The attention came because of Allie's link to the accused coach, Kurt Ludwigsen, who is the former softball coach at Nyack College and the owner of the Verified Call service.

Ludwigsen and Allie have known each other since 2012 and when she was featuring in New York last year he asked her to come speak to some members of the Christian college’s softball team – a meeting that has since been mischaracterized as a recruiting session.

“It was a harmless sit-down with regular girl conversation,” Allie told the NY Post. “I’ve spoken at colleges before, including twice at USC, and it isn’t out of the ordinary for adult stars to speak on university campuses. There was definitely nothing unseemly about it.”

While she clearly can’t speak to things that did or didn’t happen when she wasn’t around, she told the New York Daily News this weekend, "[Ludwigsen] doesn't seem like someone who would do those types of things.”

Furthermore Allie had some strong words for both sides, and a warning.

"If something happened to those girls without their permission, I say more power to them for sticking up for themselves," Haze told David Moyes at the Huffington Post. "But if they're not true, there needs to be consequences."

Allie also appeared this week on the AD radio show on Monday. To listen to the broadcast, click here.

Over the weekend she also appeared on the FAN radio show in Buenos Aires. That interview can be found here.