Squirt.org Launches Netherlands Campaign

AMSTERDAM — Gay hookup website Squirt.org is unrolling a promotional campaign throughout the Netherlands.

As part of the initiative, the website is offering a one-year free membership to new and existing users.

“The sex-positive, gay-friendly image of the Netherlands makes it a perfect place to undergo a major launch for a site like Squirt.org,” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press, Squirt’s parent company.

He added, “We strongly believe our massive gay cruising database, coupled with tools and resources powered by the unique touch of user-generated content, will provide something new and exciting for everybody who joins our site.”

Posters and signs featuring Squirt.org members and models will appear throughout the Netherlands’ major railway stations between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31. The Netherlands’ campaign will also include various gay and mainstream print and online publications.

“We want Squirt to be front and center wherever people look throughout the Netherlands,” added Szatmari. “Our campaign is a celebration of sexuality.”