Melissa Hill, Howard Levine Get Surprise Visit for 'Raw Talk' Radio Show

LOS ANGELES — On Tuesday during a live broadcast of her "Raw Talk" radio show, one of Melissa Hill’s ex-boyfriends burst into the studio and confronted her with pleas to take him back. This resulted in a confrontation that neither Hill nor her co-host, Howard Levine, expected.

According to Levine, "Apparently the guy drove up from Long Beach and expected some sort of resolution in their failed relationship. Hill had not seen this guy in years and was completely not prepared."

Levine said he was shocked and informed the gentleman, who looked really upset, "that we are on the air live right now. He didn’t seem to care and thought we were recording something for future broadcast."

"It was weird and got weirder," Levine continued.

“At first I thought it was some sort of a joke, then I looked at his face and he was pissed. I was about to dial 911, but then decided to find out what the story was. He was actually not a bad guy, he just felt like he was fucked over and needed to confront Melissa. She was just shocked and not quite as scared as I was.

"I thought he might do something really stupid, like attack her. Which would have been ok with me as long as I didn’t get my ass kicked. I mean to say, I would have called the police, not ok that she was attacked. I am way too old to get into any fights or be shot.”

Hill added, "He is just a harmless wacko who I broke up with four years ago. I knew he wasn’t going to do anything. Howard is just a pussy."

The show can be heard in its entirety here.