'Triple X Tycoon' Releases Teaser Trailer

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet unveiled a new teaser trailer for the company's upcoming adult business management sim game, "Triple X Tycoon."

The game's lead developer Christon "Doop" LeJohn said the company successfully raised funds to finance artwork last month.

"This recent push for better art is part of an ongoing effort to bring the game's presentation up to speed in time for the tech demo scheduled to drop soon," LeJohn said.

He added, "While we can't promise a public offering of in-depth gameplay just yet, we can shoot for proving ourselves capable of at least one stable release to backers, subscribers and a select few others before things really get crazy in the next couple of months. At the very least we hope to gather enough feedback with the impending release to better understand what needs work and what already does work."

The new trailer can be viewed here.