James Deen Softball Team Set for Season

James Deen Softball Team Set for Season
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — The co-ed softball team, aptly named The James Deens, are set to play again starting this Fall.

In 2015, the adult superstar acquired the co-ed softball team in the City of Los Angeles Adult Softball Program. While James Deen does not play with the team due to injuries sustained from baseball as a child, he is an active participant in the building of team morale.

Deen’s enthusiasm for team was evident last season when he was nearly kicked out of a game for “yelling offensive comments at people,” which he also pointed out would mean, “I would have had to watch the game from 50 feet away.”

Deen admitted, “I did heckle. I heckled hard."

Amy Lew is the team’s captain and the owner of All Media Group, an adult content licensing company.

“What really makes us stand out as a team is our sincere ability to mesh both on and off the field," Lew said. "Every week there is a crazy, team text thread that goes on all day pumping each other up for the game that evening.”

Although due to a roster technicality disqualifying them from the playoffs last season, the James Deens’ competitive streak is strong, Lew added.

“We love to joke around and have a good time, but not more than we love to win," she said. "We have the intentions of winning another championship; nothing else would be acceptable to us or James.”

Deen remarked, “The James Deens are going to continue to kick ass and crush other teams by over 10 points a game, thus proving their softball superiority.”

Clad in “James Deen for President” tees, among this season’s players are All Media Group’s Adam Lew, brother and right hand man of Amy Lew; fellow All Media Group staff member Susan Cortez, as well as Ken Way, pitcher; Rosa Flores; Saul Coreas; Cheo Yuiquez; David Parnes; Laura Fierro; Amanda McFall; and Tracy Villemarette.

The James Deens open play on Tuesday at Hjelte Sports Complex Diamond #2 in Encino.