Kennston Productions Launches

HOUSTON —  Kennston Productions has launched its third solo site

The site offers exclusive sets and videos of transgender FTM performer Peter who appears with "cis" and trans men and trans women.

“When we were searching for models to shoot for our site FTM.XXX, we got an application from Peter, but due to him living in Seattle we couldn’t shoot him. We offered him a chance run his own site and after a few weeks of thinking about it he came back wanting to do it,” Kennston owner Michelle Austin said. “We loved his look and knew he would be a successful model. We put one of his sets on and it proved us right. We can not wait to see what he brings to the FTM porn world.”

Peter added, “I’ve been getting into all kinds of hot fun up here in Seattle. And I can’t wait to spread it around the world. I am so glad that Kennston Network offered me a chance to showcase my talent and help grow the FTM porn niche. They have been on point with me to get this all together and now just excited the day has come to launch it to the world.”