Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Virtual Reality Masturbator

Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Virtual Reality Masturbator
Ariana Rodriguez

SHENZHEN, China — Canadian entrepreneur Steven Csanyi and his Hong Kong-based team have launched an Indiegogo campaign to develop the “eJaculator” — a hands-free masturbator that incorporates virtual reality.

In an interview with Tech in Asia, Csanyi discusses the success of male products and the eJaculator’s potential.

“[Autoblow 2] is on track to earn $10 million in revenue this year, and that’s just for a robotic blowjob,”Csanyi told Tech in Asia. “We’re adding VR and porn, so our product is overlapping in three proven industries.”

According to Csanyi, prototyping the eJaculator began last September and last week the startup launched its Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. 

“[It’s] still at a relatively early stage, aesthetically speaking,” Csanyi said. “We didn’t put pictures on Indiegogo yet to avoid confusing customers as far as what they’ll receive versus the different stages of prototypes we’ve gone through. We’re going to make several production-stage test units before we make the final molds and tooling, which we’ll share with Indiegogo backers.”

The eJaculator includes three parts — the masturbator device, a custom headset that relies on a smartphone as its screen and a wireless remote to control the device through its companion app, which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

The eJaculator team is reportedly working with unnamed porn producers to develop content for the device that will be available for free on tube sites. Full-length content and updates will be available through membership sites.

According to the report, Csanyi says he expects “thousands” of eJaculator-friendly videos will be available by the end of 2016.

“We initially reached out to POV porn producers, and many have been very willing to work with us in terms of having content that’s synced with our device,” Csanyi said. “Some were a bit skittish at first, because they worried that they’d have to learn a whole new programming language to be able to make their content work with eJaculator. All they’ll have to do is produce the content, and our engineers will provide an overlay before uploading it to our app marketplace.”

Nevertheless, the eJaculator can be used with or without original VR content — the device’s wireless controller can be used manually.

In a week, the eJaculator’s Indiegogo campaign has raised more than 30 percent of its goal and on top of that the startup says it has attracted an undisclosed amount of funding from investors globally. The eJaculator team tells Tech in Asia its next step is to showcase its device at “international porn expos.”