Mercedes Carrera in 2 New Releases

LOS ANGELES — Mercedes Carrera announced that she is featured in "The Turning" from Girlsway, and "Cougar Sandwich 2" from Zero Tolerance.

“It is with so much excitement that 'The Turning,' an original feature by, has come out this week. I loved working on this movie, and Bree and Alan E. knocked it out of the park in this six-part series I’m looking forward to feedback on my character, who is a Tantric healer with a curious past. Just wait until you see the plot twist. Stay tuned,” Carrera said.

In "Cougar Sandwich," Carrera gets caught up in a birthday threesome with Nina Elle and James Deen.

"I was elated to get to work with Nina Elle and James Deen on a scene with Zero Tolerance. We had a lot of fun making the scene, Nina is so hot and one of my favorite people in the industry and James is of course, a prolific performer and adult industry personality," Carrera said.