Hodder Media Adds Sex-Ed Consulting Services

LOS ANGELES — Hodder Media today said it has expanded its public relations and marketing portfolio to include sex-ed consulting services for the adult industry.

The firm's founder, Anne Hodder, said she regularly incorporates her experience as a professional sex educator, certified and endorsed by renowned training program San Francisco Sex Information, into her work as a valuable way to set her clients apart from the competition.

“Having a certified sexuality educator on their team gives companies the upper hand when developing new products or PR campaigns and provides a valuable source of information and advice,” Hodder said. “From identifying unique features and benefits to creating marketing campaigns based on consumer demand and trend forecasting, I help my clients make smart business decisions — most often with integrity and a sex-positive edge.”

Hodder also said she provides companies with “unbiased and fact-based sex-ed” staff trainings to equip employees with “sex-positive” tools and information to use on the sales floor.

“Consumers are more vocal and aware than ever regarding the products going in, on or around their bodies and they want to spend money with companies they feel they can rely on,” Hodder said.

“Establishing consumer trust is essential to the long-term success of an adult product or service, and I make it easy for companies to establish and earn this trust while giving them a competitive edge in this ever-evolving industry.”

Hodder can be reached via email at anne@annehodder.com.