SegPay Unveils New Pay Pages for Digital Merchants

SegPay Unveils New Pay Pages for Digital Merchants
Stephen Yagielowicz

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — SegPay, a global leader in online payment processing, has announced the release of significant enhancements to its current pay pages that will benefit digital merchants seeking to convert international consumers throughout the checkout process.

According to the company, its new pay pages offer merchants the most cutting-edge technology for processing payments, allowing customization to meet digital retailers’ needs.

The new pay pages will be localized in 14 languages based on the user’s IP address, presenting copy and currency in the consumer’s country of residence.

SegPay has also recently expanded its international currencies to reach an additional eight countries.

These enhancements allow merchants to create a better consumer experience during the checkout process, ultimately driving higher sales acquisitions. This is especially true for mobile users, as SegPay’s new pay pages are responsive and optimized for mobile sales conversions.

This is vital, because as a recent study by Juniper Research illustrates, mobile retail purchases are on track to exceed $700 billion annually by 2018, representing 30 percent of all e-commerce.

“At SegPay, we are seeing more than 70 percent of all pay page hits coming from mobile devices,” said SegPay CEO Cathy Beardsley. “We want our merchants to be able to convert those hits to a sales transaction through fully responsive pages that not only look great but will function across all platforms and devices.”

In addition to being mobile friendly, the new pay pages are built on a templated system, which allows clients to create custom pay pages matching the merchant’s brand, and executed across multiple sites — with five default custom templates that have been extensively tested for optimal conversion rates to jump-start merchants in developing a custom branded feel for their pay pages.

“We want our merchants to have the best tools in the business, to not only retain their customers, but to gain new ones,” SegPay VP of Operations Jeff Rosenzweig said.  “At SegPay we can help our merchants reach potential consumers almost anywhere in the world.”

SegPay has also announced its creation of dynamic pricing option elements on its pay pages, allowing merchants to set up several unique pricing structures for marketing campaigns. These dynamic pricing models can be triggered through unique URLs, so that merchants can run several different marketing promotions around membership pricing through affiliate marketers and traditional digital campaigns.

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