Nomi Tang Ready to Launch 2 New Products at eroFame

HANNOVER, Germany — Nomi Tang has announced the launch of two new products to coincide with the upcoming eroFame event, in Hannover.

First up is Getaway Plus, the second generation of Nomi Tang’s hot selling G-spot Getaway vibrator, which now comes with a new design, a rechargeable battery and an upgraded I-touch control system.

According to the company, the Getaway Plus is not only Nomi’s most beautiful product, is has also been designed to deliver superb performance for G-spot stimulation.

The second product is Sissi, Nomi Tang’s first rechargeable mini wand vibrator.

“Wand vibrators enjoy a high popularity because of their strong vibration and versatility,” Nomi says, explaining that she has never been happy with the bulky designs of other wands, leading Nomi to create her own new gorgeous, easy to operate and easy to clean design. “The very compact design allows you to take Sissi with you wherever you go, [so] it can be enjoyed by yourself or with your partner.”

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