Popporn, TLA Gay Announce 'Pope' Sale

PHILADELPHIA — Popporn.com, and TLA Gay this week are holding a special “Pope” sale in honor of Pope Francis' visit to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.
“For those who may not know, Philadelphia, where we hold our base of operations, is receiving some national attention,” said Cody Short, director of content & marketing for Popporn.com.

“His Eminence, Pope Francis, is coming to visit the City of Brotherly Love this weekend… along with a potential 1.5 million tourists and a ton of intense security! Needless to say, we’re getting out of town!”
The event has given the company the opportunity to take a nice vacation, and present customers with a special offer. “In honor of Pope Frank’s visit (and our pragmatic vacation), we’re blessing you with an extra 30 percent off all orders — no minimum! Shop and save from now until Sunday and we’ll see you next week when the Secret Service lets us back in our office.”