Director JacktheZipper Launches Official Website

Director JacktheZipper Launches Official Website
Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Director JacktheZipper has announced the launch of his flagship website,, which he says was designed as "an entirely new kind of adult concept combining streaming video, podcasting, and high-end digital magazine content."

In addition, he has curated a tangible product line that includes hand-selected toys, branded apparel, and fine art photography, all exclusive to what he calls the "Zipperverse."

The site will also serve as a portal to link with a varied array of other artists and performers, according to the veteran shooter.

“All the ideas we explored during a decade of shooting what many now consider the progressive hardcore movement predicted a change in the culture that’s finally here," Zipper said. “Everywhere you look people are clearly demanding something better and that inspires me to mash things up and go next level.

"The audience is broader and smarter than it gets credit for and we now have a truly independent venue for JacktheZipper 2.0 and other talented collaborators who feel the same way.”

Zipper said the re-invention of the site began roughly two years ago and "reached critical mass" when he met coder "and kindred spirit," Michael Sinclair, founder of Boston-based Voodoo Media Group. VMG is a development and digital marketing agency with a growing list of adult clients.

“As a developer, building something unique is the desired destination of a project but that’s driven by the client," Sinclair said. "Working with Zipper, who has a clear vision and refused to slack or settle, we ended up in a place that exceeded expectations and for me is the most unique property out there.”

Zipper's adult film credits includes critically acclaimed movies such as "Killers" (Cobra Films), "Xero" (Cobra Films), "Fuck the World" (Vivid), "Enter the Peepshow" (Club Jenna) and "Stuntgirl" 1 & 2 (Hustler Video).