Simone Sonay Now a Free Agent

SAN FRANCISCO Simone Sonay announced that she is now a free agent and self booking.

"When I entered the industry a little over three years ago, I began as an independent. Early on, I had a brief experience with one agency, but opted to remain self booking/independent because at that time I wasn’t putting a lot of energy into shooting and didn't know if I was planning to make this a career," Sonay said.

In addiiton to her new status, Sonay is  seeking to promote her brand with the help of XXX Star PR.

"I was referred to XXX Star PR by a close friend who is also a client. I have been impressed with how hard they have worked for me so far promoting me, and introducing me to a new audience. I have every confidence with them in my corner, you'll be seeing much more of me soon."

To book Sonay, email