Angelina Castro Grabs Top Spot on AEBN

MIAMI — Angelina Castro announced that she is the number one star on AEBN this week.

The ranking comes on the heels of news that her mainstream Spanish TV talk show ''SOS'' (Sex or Sexy) on has expanded from just Florida markets to Chicago (channel 22), New York (channel 51), Laredo (channel 15), Los Angeles (channel 63), Puerto Rico (channel 30), Phoenix (channel 22) and Victorville (channel 33).

"When I saw I was number one on AEBN I couldn't believe it. I guess Spanish people are looking for my porn. My official site has never been more popular. I am glad all the hard work is paying off."

Angelina Castro's webmaster Vicky Vette added,  "If anyone deserves her success it is Angelina. She is hard working and more popular than you would ever imagine. She's the number three most popular Latina ever in the world on with more than 15 million profile hits. Quite amazing when you think of the massive worldwide Latina market."