Privacy Commissioner Urges Canadian Lawmakers to Fight Spam

Anne Winter
OTTAWA — Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has called for tougher legislative measures to prevent spam and email fraud in Canada. She said the amount of spam circulating has “mushroomed,” and in response has made March Fraud Prevention Month.

Canada places sixth in the list of countries responsible for the world’s spam and Stoddart said it is the only country without legislation outlawing it.

“I fail to understand what is stopping the government from moving ahead with something which is of concern to many Canadians,” she said.

Florence Nguyen, a media relations officer for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, told XBIZ that the fraud prevention campaign was developed primarily to bring awareness to consumers and provide them with tips for how to protect themselves from email fraud and identity theft.

“We’ve joined together to call for an effort to fight fraud and I.D. theft,” Nguyen said.

She also said that, as of yet, no specific legislation to prosecute spammers has been developed.