Filly Films Releases Trailer for 'Alex Chance: Family Therapist'

LOS ANGELES — Filly Films has released the trailer for Alex Chance's directorial debut, "Alex Chance: Family Therapist." The movie streets on Monday and the trailer can be found here.  

In "Alex Chance: Family Therapist," Dr. Alex Chance is one sexy family therapist. This is a day in her life helping step-sisters with their relationships, and finding out why she became a psychologist. We start off with a flashback to an awkward moment with her step-sister Alison Rey telling Alex about her true feelings. The tender moments they shared led her to be the woman she is today.

Her day starts with her first patient Xandra Sixx. A young girl who tells her about the sexual fantasies she’s having about her step-sister Hollie Mack. Then her next patient arrives, Dani Jensen. Her step-sister Kimberly Brix and her aren’t as close as they used to be and a sleepover at their parent’s with a simple game of truth or dare is Dr. Chance’s remedy. Her last patients of the day are two step-sisters, Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey who can’t stop fighting because they were kicked out of a rave. Dr. Chance gets hands on with some sexual exercises in closeness and by the end they are really enjoying each other. Dr. Alex Chance will do anything to help her patients.

Grey said, “Working with Alex was awesome. I was so grateful she chose my best friend Karlee and I to be in a scene with her! I'd love to see more of her work as well as be in more of it.”

Rey added, “Alex is such a sweetheart! I felt fortunate to not only have her as a scene partner, but as a director as well. From the moment we got the ball rolling, I could tell it was going to be a good scene. Alex cares a lot about her work, and there is no doubt in my mind that her commitment to quality will shine throughout her directorial debut!”

Chance remarked, "I'm so proud of how the box cover and trailer turned out. I had an amazing cast and crew for this movie and it all came together. I couldn't have asked for a better first directing experience. Filly Films really made my vision come true."

Rebekah and Dion of Filly Films agreed.

"We love how passionate Alex Chance is about her career and we're proud to be part of the body positivity movement with her," they said. "We love that Alex Chance is energetic, smart, and conscious of the many issues people and women face in and out of our industry. Alex cares about everything she's involved in, we always enjoy having her company here at the office."