Mystim Expands Range of Urethral Sounds

Mystim Expands Range of Urethral Sounds
Ariana Rodriguez

MÖMBRIS, Germany — Mystim expands its range of products with a new, more intensive urethral sound called Tickleberry Finn.

Urethral sounds are part of Mystim since the early beginnings. According to the company, the high sales figures show the wide range of supporters that urethral sounds have. The electrical stimulation of the Mystim urethral sounds intensifies the sensation.

Until now the Mystim urethral sound-family consisted of Slim Finn, Thin Finn and Propper Finn. The Slim Finn has a 6 mm diameter, and the other two are 8 and 10 mm.

Ticklberry Finn features a new design with a softly rounded tip, which renders the insertion into the urethra. Tickleberry Finn has an 8 mm diameter and a length of 19.5 cm.

“Mystim posts great sales success with its urethral sounds every month," Mystim CEO Christoph Hofmann said. "A wider range of products will top this success even more. We went for an elegant design for the Tickleberry Finn, paired with great electrical stimulation.”