'Primal Hardwere' Owner on Demon Seed Radio

ORLANDO, Fla. — Demon Seed Radio's special guest on Sept. 11 is "LoneWolf," owner of Primal Hardwere and inventor of the Ovipositor, a dildo that lays eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity to replicate being impregnated with eggs.

“This toy is sheer genius and there’s nothing like it,” host Whitney Morgan said. “Many people might not understand why it’s so amazing, but I got it right away. We’re super excited to have LoneWolf on the show.”

"We love having guests like LoneWolf on the show, because we want to give our listeners something different than you get on every other show,” Bobby G., co-host and executive producer said. “Our new co-host Flynt Dominick is going to lose his mind when get our very own toy.”

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