Releases 'UNIT: S-15' Feature

LOS ANGELES — has released The UNIT: S-15, a sequel that continues the story of a secluded camp where rich, hot, bored women can buy a specialized fantasy.

The producers said the film is its sixth full-length bondage and rough sex (BaRS) feature to date.

Director Williams said, "We create consensual bondage and rough sex movies. Our feature movies are literally the performer’s actual fantasy that we bring to life, in a safe, sane environment. We are trying to create movies that do not fall into the old worn out trope, of violence, horror, and give the impression of non-consent.

"None of our Sexually Broken movies have any SM activities in them. We feel most people who love porn, are uncomfortable with all the hitting and violence directed toward the women in the films, so we took all of that out. Sexually Broken movies are about great bondage and hard sex, no pain, no suffering, just lots of brutal squirting orgasms."

Starring in the film are Darling and London River, alongside Jack Hammer and BDSM artist PD.