Ashley Madison Breach Causes Caution Among Consumers

Ashley Madison Breach Causes Caution Among Consumers
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Respondents to a poll of listeners to popular adult radio network and visitors to adult website, report that they will curtail their use of so-called “cheater sites” as a result of the widely reported Ashley Madison breach.

It was disclosed in August that hackers had stolen more than 9.7 gigabytes of data containing sensitive about some of the 32 million users of the site that is considered the premier online destination for married persons seeking partners for affairs.

The data dump included credit card and other payment transaction details for site users.

More than 1,000 adult fans were polled, with more than 57 percent stating, “I’m done, too much risk, I won’t use such sites again;” while 28 percent state that they will “continue using them because I’m not embarrassed by the sites I visit or the things I do;” while just under 18 percent claim “I will continue to use them, but I will use more precautions like using an alias and pre-paid credit card.” The remaining three percent had no opinion.

The poll was conducted during the past week in a posting on and among men calling in to talk with the hosts of Vivid Radio, which is also available on Sirius XM 791. 

“Usually, going into a survey, you have expectations of where the results might end up,” Vivid Radio’s General Manager, Farrell Hirsch, explains.  “But this was completely unchartered territory as it involved the intersection of cyber security and infidelity.”

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