Dusk Films Bolsters 'Nerd Pervert' Content, Cuts Distro Deals

LONDON — Dusk Films has announced its "Nerd Pervert" content now boasts more than 100 scenes.

“The concept of Nerd Pervert was to make the ordinary guy a porn stud,” CEO Paul Taylor said. “I was inspired by 'The Office.' I thought, that if I could replicate that concept and combine it with porn, it would be a huge success. The content has received fantastic appraisals from the best adult review sites on the Internet, many have noted the style and quality of production compares favorably to what can be viewed on mainstream TV. We also have a reputation for discovering new girls in the U.K. adult industry, this adds credibility to the concept as almost all of our girls are genuinely first timers.”

The studio noted that Nerd Pervert has been nominated for five consecutive years at the annual UKAP awards, and this year is nominated for best website. Taylor said the company has also secured both U.K. and U.S. DVD deals, placing the content on the three largest U.S. VOD sites in addition to 10 large European broadcast platforms including Belgacom and Deutche Telecom.

For distribution information, email Julain Becker at julian.becker@optime-strategies.com, or dusk_films@yahoo.co.uk.