FriendFinder Networks Offers Autumn Affiliate Bonus

FriendFinder Networks Offers Autumn Affiliate Bonus
Stephen Yagielowicz

CAMPBELL, Calif. — FriendFinder Networks has announced its offering of a fall bonus for its valued affiliates.

According to FFN’s Director of Affiliate Marketing Kristell Perez, affiliates have always been confronted with the dreaded “Summer Slowdown,” and this year, FriendFinder Networks (FFN) has found a way to turn that summer swoon into cool cash throughout the autumn months.

From September 1 through November 30, FFN affiliates can earn up to 25 percent in bonus cash just by beating their summer numbers.

“Now that September is here, we expect to see a huge spike in our numbers across all of our sites with colleges starting up, summer holiday season winding down and so many people looking to hook-up as part of their autumn love life,” says Perez. “We value our loyal affiliates and want to help amp up their numbers this quarter. It’s our way of saying thanks for sticking with it through the summer and working hard to keep those numbers up.”

FFN affiliates in good standing before August 1 who are part of the company’s Percentage Program are automatically eligible for the bonus promotion. FFN will compare the affiliate’s sales numbers from September, October and November, and as their sales grow this fall, so will their bonus payout, which could earn them as much as 25 percent more for their traffic.

“All you need to do is send sales, and we will do everything else,” Perez adds. “What makes this bonus so appealing is that it applies to sales you send to and any of the eligible co-brands on FFN. That means no matter what niche you serve, there is a perfect place to send your traffic if you want to earn terrific ratios and a generous 25 percent bonus!”

Perez notes that this promotion is another way that FFN gives back for all the great work that affiliates do in helping to build the success of its brands.

For more information, click here, or call (800) 388-0760 to speak with an expert affiliate rep.